Time at ECU: 3 years

School: Visual Arts

Major: Painting

Minor: Communication and French Language


Faces– Pica Bar, 2011

12 Faces– 12×12, ChrissieParrots Art Gallery, 2012

Only White people ask where I’m From– HUBBUB, Edith Cowan Graduate Show, 2013

Constellation of Delirium– HUBBUB, Edith Cowan Graduate Show, 2013

Constellation of Delirium– Watch This Space, Mundaring Arts Centre, 2014

Model for ‘Holly’s Boots’ and ‘Untitled’- Matthew Jackson (Artist), Unto each, as onto an Island, Melody Smith Gallery, 2014


Ideally I wanted to be an Art’s Curator, throughout my time at ECU I’ve become more aware of my strengths and weaknesses and I may head more in the direction of Art Criticism/Art History/Art Theory.

I am currently in my last semester of University. Upon graduation I will be ECU’s ‘Artist in

Visual Practice:

I believe what separates me, as a creative, from those who are not, is my way of perceiving the world around me and my ability to communicate abstract ideas. My practice is about the relationship between the lived world and re-presentation, that being the ‘edited’ and ‘stylized’ version of the world that presented back to us. I am interested in what isn’t there just as much as what is represented to be there, believing that the omissions say more about our society than the constructions.

My work is about questioning the truthfulness of representations. I present abstract, alternative or resistant readings to the world as it is presented to us. At the core of all my works are ideas surrounding the human condition, particularly ontological notions of curiousness, isolation and the search for gratification.

You can spot ‘a Holly Yoshida’ by the signature aesthetic of a pastel almost grisaille palette, strong use of cool colours, particularly blue, thin, flat brushstrokes, limited tone and lack of  dramatic or direct light. I would never intentionally paint anything natural or obviously ‘beautiful.’

I am drawn to the lost art professional practice. I believe presentation is half of the work, therefor my surfaces are made thoughtfully and treated at a professional level. As a part of my desire to be a curator, I try to hang my works according to gallery convention, while also  making it visually interesting for my viewers.

Mission Statement:

The creative industry is where I want to be. I’ve always wanted a job doing something I love, believe in and that I am passionate about, and I have found that in the Creative field. I know I will succeed as a creative, either as an Artist or Curator, and I know this because I have no other employable skills.

Me in my studio. Background: intramural (detail, work in progress)
Me in my studio.
Background: intramural ;within walls
(detail, work in progress)




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