Creativity (?)

Like every first week back at University I am presented with ambiguous questions. This time it was ‘What is Creativity?’

I’m not really sure as to why the first week is always like this, or if it is just the holiday mindset of students that the lecturers like to mess with. But I find it quite innovative in itself; they blow our minds to rebuild it from scratch, like an etch-a-sketch.

When I was given a moment in class to write down what I believed creativity to be, I wrote: “playful theory or philosophy in one’s practice or everyday life, exploring ideas, before creation. Requiring original ideas and a benefit to someone.” Not bad for a girl who bartendedĀ and watched cartoons for the past 3 months.

Now that I’ve read the reads and processed the first lecture. I can now summarise what Creativity means to me, in week 2, no doubt my ideas about Creativity will change, so let’s call it a working definition.

What is Creativity?

Primarily, in my practice, creativity means the communication of abstract ideas. By this I mean, creativity allows me to communicate to my audience my own ideas about the world. I explore original ideas and thought and communicate them through paint.

Creativity is in the process of creation, it is the making of something that is, in theory, stimulating and inspired. To be a creative, means to be fearless and to take risks, risking being wrong, and risking looking foolish or ‘uncool,’ or if it worksavant-garde.

A Creative is free thinking and hungry (read driven or physically hungry (we don’t make much money, the creative industries haven’t quite ‘boomed’ for emerging artists))

A Creative avoids: derivativeness, being stagnant or unoriginal, appropriation.


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